Passive Consideration: A crucial step to bring your potential customers…

Juan Botero

In the different stages of the customer journey, we have one of them that although it is not so often mentioned, is crucial for a customer’s decision in the purchasing process. This stage is known as Passive Consideration, and it is the one where the customer is already aware that he has an unresolved need and takes certain actions to satisfy it.

When you implement a strategy to generate awareness in your target audience, you must instantly define the next step to guide the customer towards your brand. This stage of passive consideration is present when the customer, although not yet an active buyer, continues to receive information about the specific product or service.

To establish a good passive consideration campaign, it is important to consider what we as consumers would do once the need to purchase a product has been sowed.

In a normal situation, after knowing that we need something in our lives, we enter an investigative phase that allows us to evaluate the options that the market has regarding what we are looking for, and it is there where the company must fortify the connection between the future consumer and the brand, but how to do this? The first thing to do is to identify those touchpoints that you have with the customer and define a brand recognition strategy that generates recall in each channel where the customer is searching, you must also distribute information that is clear, easy, and quick to understand where the differential value of the company, the benefits offered and why the customer should select the company as one of the options for the purchase of the product or service in question.

When you propose a strong and precise Passive consideration strategy, this will result in directing the customer to the moment of purchase. Being in the passive consideration of the customer will increase the percentage of probability that the customer will decide for your brand and generate the purchase with the company.

It is important to keep in mind that when generating strategies for this stage, one of the main objectives should be based on offering emotions towards the brand, generating reliability, establishing security towards the company, and even sharing success stories of past customers with the product.

The passive consideration stage defines one of the most important decisions in the customer journey and it is up to you to give it the proper importance in your company’s processes.

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