Discover what active consideration is and how you can approach it in your business!

Juan Botero

Going through the Customer Journey your customer will land on the active consideration phase, which is when you are going to appreciate the customer’s attention to your services, and walk them through this phase until the next one which will be the Purchase process, you will do that by building rapport, trust, and personalized service to the customer. This means you will not just be going to provide the customer with a mountain of information regarding the service or product, here you will make sure the customer will be provided with the perfect fit for them, by using tools and a good interaction system.

The focus on this stage will be to tailor the communication with the customer, so the customer feels as they are having a personalized service from your company, the customer knows their wants and their needs in the Active Consideration phase, which means they are actively paying attention and engaged to all the relevant information regarding the service or product they are looking for.

The customer is educated with all the information they have gathered in the early stages, in order to select the service and product that will best meet their criteria. Thanks to the facility of technology the client will be able to gather all their information in even just a few minutes, this means the Customer Journey is a flexible process for the customer, which allows the customer to go back and forward to a stage of the Customer Journey in just a few clicks.

The pros of technology are not just only for the customer, you will also be taking advantage of the technological advances with the use of tools like CRM Software and TouchPoints in this Post Purchase phase. For example employing direct emails, phone calls, and chatbots will allow you to have an effective and proactive interaction with the customer in their decision-making process. Offering on the website the option to create an account and take advantage of benefits or incentives, or even a free trial by entering their contact information, will help you capture your customer’s information by engaging them with your services.

Let’s work together and find the perfect strategies for you and your business. C.R.Optimum will make sure your customers will go through the Customer Journey and become advocates of your brand.