Advocacy as the final part of the Customer journey and the new beginning for your potential clients

Juan Botero

Advocacy is the last part of the consumer journey, it is when we finally have a customer who has gone through all the necessary processes to be loyal to our company. At this stage we perceive that all the efforts made have paid off, it is when we see that the actions and strategies implemented in the company were successful in completing all the phases of the consumer in the best possible way.

When we talk about advocacy, we refer to one of the most successful marketing strategies that aim to create brand ambassadors who recommend a company’s product or service through their own experience.

Many times, when we need to buy a new product, we usually ask people in our social circle or even people in a virtual community, if they have any recommendations of a specific brand that they have already used or if they know of a company that offers that product or service and what kind of experience they had with it so that we can choose among multiple existing options and be sure to acquire the best in the market. When a customer recommends a product, is providing security to the recipient, and is encouraging a sale to the company in question, it is for this reason that companies must ensure the best experience for customers so that they become brand ambassadors and direct our target directly to the company.

When a good consumer journey is executed, this, by itself, manages to narrow the next path for a new customer, since, being the Advocacy the last stage in this path, what it will do is recommend the product to people who are or are not looking for one, and go from a stage of Awareness to purchase in just one step.

The better the experience provided to customers and the better the benefits are given to them, the more likely it is that they will spread the word of our brand in their daily conversations and expand the company in the market without the need for an exuberant investment in marketing strategies.

The most successful companies in the market, not only base their strategy on generating new customers but also focus their efforts on building loyalty among existing ones, which is why not only should implement actions that encourage purchases but also generate actions that encourage customer loyalty and recommendation.

Several advocacy strategies in the market can help you achieve these objectives. Incentivizing the customer with benefits when recommending your product is also key to achieving a voice-to-voice strategy. A common example of an advocacy strategy is a referral program, where a customer is given a discount or other benefit when they refer a person and that person purchases the company.

Remember to always implement a customer journey focused on your corporate objectives and work together to achieve them, because a poorly executed strategy, bad customer service, and even a bad product offered can make your customers have a bad experience and generate a bad reputation for your business, because if a satisfied customer speaks for itself, the one who was not, will speak twice as much.

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